Narrative Medicine

Transform Healthcare One Story at a Time

Become a leader in the interdisciplinary field of narrative medicine and help to improve outcomes for both patients and caregivers.

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Columbia University’s Master of Science in Narrative Medicine

Be a part of the evolution of healthcare. Harness the powerful narrative skills of radical listening and creativity from the Humanities and the Arts to change the way we care for those most in need, allowing them to be heard, to be recognized and to be valued.

Program at a Glance

“I really can’t tell you how fortunate I consider myself to have been in that program. It’s just made my life richer.

– Dr. Andre L., ‘19SPS, Narrative Medicine


On Campus
2-3 terms to complete
Fall enrollment


On Campus
2-6 years to complete
Fall enrollment

In this program, you will:

Gain a Toolbox of Strategies

Improve patient outcomes through narrative understanding, the illness experience and close reading and writing skills.

Join a Diverse Field

From literature to medical anthropology to social sciences—this interdisciplinary program reflects the diverse applications and systemic impact on healthcare.

Advocate for Change

Learn how to bring your core values and sense of purpose to a healthcare career that addresses systemic inequality and social justice issues.